Eric has an  uncanny ability to teach at every level of an organization, from the newbie to the CEO. He has a grounding in Philosophy and Psychology but his Coaching is simple, pure and human. I can't count the number of times Eric has talked me out of my own knots. He's the genuine article.

Scott Lacy, VP of Product

Eric is a natural coach. Few coaches I've ever met have his instincts for coaching in all directions. In sports you can't teach speed. In Agile Coaching, you can't teach the kind of instincts Eric has. Hire this guy right now!

Josh Anderson

Eric is more than just a coach, he holds the space for his students, allowing them to learn from their mistakes and truly reach new heights.

Noel Stradtman

Eric is a coach that will help you get to the next level in your career; regardless of your hurdles, he will help you find a path forward.

Courtney Johnson