• Eric Hannan

Lead with Curiosity

You need to be more curious.

You need to be more curious more often.

You need to lead with curiosity.

You should be more curious because it:

Diffuses the situation

Is a way of gathering more information

Prevents you from drawing conclusions based on incomplete data

Lead with curiosity is my simple answer to the most frequent coaching situation I get pulled into:

“I need your help in figuring out how to handle a situation.” Most often this involves some sort of conflict.

Lead with curiosity. It’s simple, but it’s not easy. However, a properly placed powerful question can lead to a wealth of discovery.

Disagree with a decision someone made? Ask them something like: Help me understand your thought process, how did you arrive at that decision?

Note, tone matters. Asking this question in a snarky or condescending way will nullify the power of leading with curiosity.

One of my favorite phrases to use which has the same effect as a question is: “Tell me more.”

In conclusion, next time you are in a tense situation, or even one where you just aren’t sure what to do, lead with curiosity. Ask a question!

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