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I always knew that helping other people was part of my core, but I didn’t realize I could do it in my career until I discovered Agile, a software development process that focuses on creating an awesome environment where people can thrive. Once I found Agile everything clicked, and I found my venue for helping people. I went all in! Although I originally focused on professional and team development, I found myself coaching pretty much in every setting. It felt so natural to ask deep questions, provide encouragement, and do anything I could to help someone get where they wanted to go. Once I started branching out from only coaching in a professional setting, it became abundantly clear that my purpose in life is to make people awesome! No matter their goal. And so I began my life’s work.
I truly believe there is greatness in all of us, and I offer a safe, nonjudgmental space to allow that greatness to unfold. I see so many people who have been hog-tied by false criticism, internal and external. Instead of running after our dreams, we allow ourselves to be hindered by fear. I help people recall their own power, move through the fear of failure, and create a fulfilling life that stays true to themselves.
When I’m not coaching, you’ll likely find me on the road. Riding is my meditation. It’s a place to clear my head and dig deep into the inner-workings of my soul. It’s how I find my core, and center myself away from the distractions of a busy life. When I need inspiration, or need to calm some anxieties, I get on my bike and ride.
I look forward to hearing your story, and helping you unleash your true potential!

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“What will you be known for? The things you could have done, or the things you actually did?"



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